DB512 – Tashabella In The Backend and Fat, Lazy Swedes

It be Friday…

MCS calls in to say silly stuff, then Ben calls in to deliver wonderful segways.

Tashabella reckons Leigh likes certain things, she delivers a voicemail to tell us about it.

Leigh then relates his dream to us, the listeners, it is very interesting and surreal. This leads us (naturally) to a discussion of Black Friday, in which LoneSQRL calls in to give information.

A dead student has shown up for school, how inconsiderate of him. Apparently he lost his phone…

We come up with a new award ceremony, the Derek’s.

Skyfall bisexual scene, big news apparently…

We have swedish news, one is not allowed to exclude overweight people from the job market. Graph of the effect.

Norwegian airline shuttle’s website had to shut down because all of Sweden tried to book a flight to New York all at once.

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