DB511 – Snap, Crackle, Squeak and Cuddle Pimps

It be Thursday…

Leigh went to see Skyfall for the second time last night – this time with Arry Ant. However things didn’t turn out great, and Leigh is now questioning how he can disown Arry. Laz and MCS call in to discuss the Arry Ant issue – and SOMEWHERE suggestions are made.

Meanwhile in the chatroom, listeners decide they need to share some ‘Morning Wood’ [image] and an advert for ‘The Tuggie’ (the snuggie for men) [video] – both which were ‘not quite’ PG-13 enough to be mentioned in a family show – however discussed in-depth in the Post Show.

Unemployed residents of Wales may soon receive makeovers and massages in preparation for their soon job interviews.

A dead mouse was found in Rice Krispies. Mark Hunter of the UK found it in his bowl of breakfast cereal while eating.

There is a cuddles-for-hire place in Penfield MA, we come up with awesome ideas based upon this. Though Ben came up with the best idea and he deserves royalties.

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