DB508 – Pink Power Ranger, Sexcalibur, and Election Bets

It be Monday…

Ben, LoneSQRL and MCS call in to argue and get raises. Leigh will be able to get BT infinity soon, great news!
Leigh regales us with the halloween party story, apparently lots of shenanigans were had. Leigh and some friends were very late, but when they finally arrived they found the party doing the sexipede and gangam style dances. Leigh’s “Memorable Knight” costume [image 1image 2], Ginger Steve’s “Zombie CheerLeader” [image 1 | image 2] and Dominic’s “Ironman / Power Ranger” [image 1 | image 2]… And of course the classic group photo.

We then explain to Ben the meaning of “the locomotion”, and make fun of him in general.

We then return to the subject of the party, and Leigh’s wardrobe malfunction.

We then talk politics for a little while. Bets for king Obama have been paid out. It gets a little hostile and slightly silly in places, all are friends in the end though.

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