DB525 – United States of Coming Out Live with a Ginger Moustache

It be Friday…

Due to the fact Ben is ‘partying it up’ here are some bullet points for show notes:

  • Back issues
  • AWESOME issues with the stream
  • Tayler Swift’s face
  • Woken up
  • Morefore
  • Bullet points
  • United States of Tara
  • Canned TV shows
  • YouTube – Yet another ‘Coming Out Live’ video [Video]
  • MCS’ new life
  • USA & Mucked up driving

Study Investigates What Women Really Want. Drive-In ‘Sex Boxes’ being Installed In Zurich, Switzerland. Kim Ridley and His Daughter In Ebay Ad [image 1 | image 2]. Increase in male breast reduction surgery. Fifty Shades of Grey porn ‘rip-off’ spurs legal action.

And we finish off with the latest ‘Dumb ways to Die’ follow on: Cool Things to Find [Video].

Please support Tony Thatcher with his Movember [bless him, all month he has had a ginger moustache]: http://uk.movember.com/mospace/266216

DB524 – The Perfect Murder, Pope Rap and Racist Swedes

It be Thursday…

We start off the day by talking about the phone-hacking scandal in the UK. Panorama is now Leighs show of choice, giving such information as “how to commit the perfect murder” and “how to dodge tax”.

Kelli the webmistress calls in to ask our expert advice. Leigh has also spotted a interesting trend of people filming themselves coming out to the parents [video].

We then listen to and comment on the nsfw pope rap.

Hoody hoody news is back again! Drunk swedish MP’s being racist.

We get around (finally) to the deer story, lets just say a certain american woman is stupid.

DB523 – Taking Polls about Taking Poles and Taylor Swift’s Face

It be Wednesday…

We have got a top tip from David Pakman (friend of the show), ask a question at the start of the show!

We then move on to hating on Taylor Swifts appearance, she looks like a raggy doll.

If you have worked in retail, sometimes “crap gets real”, when people poo in the store (not in the toilet).

A 10 year old girl in finland has been arrested for trying to download an album from the pirate bay.

A Russian poll has found that 6% of workers would use sex to get a good job.

60 Christmas trees have been stolen from the Boy Scouts of America.

Deputies in America walked into a home and found a pole dancer, two hissing alligator and a stash of pot. They arrested a man on charges of shooting.

DB522 – Secret Twitter accounts, Discount Store Assault, and Wal-Mart Shoplifter Deaths

It be Tuesday…

Leigh talks about an epic realisation about his friend ‘George’ has a secret naughty Twitter account: Two examples of the ‘safer’ photos on the account [image 1 | image 2]. Surreal scouting update. Matt talks about his first day of work yesterday.

A clown has died in a macys day parade.

Police in Tennessee have arrested the manager of a discount store for assault after a customer tried to use an extreme amount of coupons.

Alleged Wal-Mart shoplifter after confrontation with store employees.

A man from Ireland is offering Pope John-Paul II’s popemobile up for rent to party-goers.

DB521 – Apology Acceptor, Oxford’s Lactose Sensation, and Culling the Santas

It be Monday…

Leigh talks about his weekend, with a follow up to the Jolene incident, a surprise apology and scouty wouts.
Ben then explains the troubles with friends 1 & 2.
The new planking!… is called milking, it involves pouring 4 pints of milk over ones head. [image 1 | image 2 | image 3]
Scientists at Cambridge are researching the dangerous effects of technology, while Oxford students are partaking in milking…
Store axes santa, saying there are too many santas.
A child has been left in the car while his parents went to get a TV

DB519 – Catching Up With Uncle Pete, Stupid Train Death, and Moron Trivia

It be Thursday…

We are joined today by Uncle Pete! Quality and content all in one. We talk about podcasts and catch up about life in general. Uncle Pete discusses how the Emma and/or Pete show is now finished, and two new podcasts have been launched: Pragmatism and The Elephant of Surprise.

We listen to the ad for rail safety from Australia “Dumb Ways to Die”, is more musical than most ads. We then continue to discuss train safety for a while.

We then listen and critique the Glen Bleck show, the part known as the More-On Trivia show.

DB518 – Tesco Runaround, Courtney Oops, and Don’t Bring a Penis to a Gun Fight

It be Tuesday…

After a weird day of trying to cope with being an undiagnosed ADHD suffer, Leigh has spent most of his time kicking leaves in his back garden. Then Leigh has an early night, as he is concerned he came across yet ANOTHER Star Trek Voyager he has never seen before. This morning Leigh woke up at 5am for NO good reason – but found himself in an awkward conversation standing in Tesco at 7am trying to buy coffee.

Former hotel manager gives birth in buisness room, is now fired. A schoolboy has been banned from growing a mo for movember. A man was arrested for mistaking another girl for his daughter picking her up from school. A public masturbator while being arrested by police told them “wait, I’m nearly finished”

DB517 – Dosh in the Hole, Journalistic Integrity and the eBay Med Checklist

It be Monday…

Ben calls in along with Matt (who got sloshed over the weekend). Brits love Cher according to Tashabella, as a webmistress she is obviously right.

Leigh then relates the story of his weekend, along with (non-glory) holes and missing money.
We also discuss the reason for Leigh being crazy, and why this show exists.

Ben finally saw Red Dwarf X! Yay! We then continue with the reason Leigh is crazy.

We then revisit an old show, to be specific: last fridays show. The radio talk show host sharing child porn on his facebook page.

DB516 – Sick Sinus’ and Urine Powered Onesies

It be Friday…

Leigh has been sick 🙁 a sinus problem has been afflicting him. Ben and Matt call in and Matt reveals he has a new job.
We then talk about the skype system and Leighs photoshopped picture with a baby

Leigh plans to host a party with a strict dress code of a onesie, suggestions include this and this or even this

A local talk show host has posted a picture on facebook of a young girl in a compromising position with an adult male.

Lord McAlpine (in a follow up from a previous show), is now suing ITV as well as the BBC.

Urine powered generator unveiled at the international exhibition Maker Fair in Nigeria.