DB493 – 24 hour Extravaganza Boxathon

It be Friday…

After 2 days of silence, the triumphant return of the Dirty Boxers show is happening. The strange story of Tuesday is recounted, Leighs date stood him up. However, after a night which he remembers very little of, he encounters some strange circumstances.
Ben then calls in to provide insight into these crazy circumstances.
A man has crashed into a tree in sweden in 1971 while nobody was around. We have a quiz as to the cause of this.
Tory calls in, he is going to another music festival!

After the top of the hour MrOil calls in and expostulates. Charlie Boy then calls in to try to answer the question, but gets egg on his face.
Steve (not ginger) calls in to provide a bit of class.
And from here we will continue for another 22 hours… enjoy

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