DB492 – Airplane Wedding Crashers

It be Tuesday…

Red Dwarf is back, smeg and all!

Dirty Factor is on, with Ben and Tory guessing the answers to silly questions from Leigh. We have feedback, a phone call and an email.

We have swedish news, a man has skipped the country after being nearly put in jail for his crimes. He now is a hunted man.

Another man has proposed to his girlfriend by nearly crashing the plane there were in, its a weird old world.

Leighs date was postponed till tonight, even though he is not feeling so great but he is going to man up anyway.

The very-lovely Tashabella calls in to discuss zombies and airports.

A former priest has been dismissed (and then promoted to a supervisor) from the TSA because of allegations that he molested girls during his time as a priest.

Derek is wonderful, and everyone should download it.

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