DB491 – The Need for Snap, Why Men Like Breasts, and Bagel-Heads

It be Monday…

We discuss many, many difficult situations which have the potential to be homophobic or homosexual respectively.
The Boy Scouts of America have declared that their organization is safer from sexual abuse compared to home or school.

The science of men being attracted to breasts is explained (or not).
We have voicemail!
We need more donations, its essential for us to continue that we get enough money to survive past episode 500.
The promo code for the Dirty Boxers Raw is hidden in the show somewhere, good luck finding it.

People in asia have been getting bagel shaped injections on their foreheads, pretty weird right? Apparently you push your thumb in the middle of the forehead for the climax.

A man can remember every detail of his teenage years, facsinating.

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