DB490 – Poking Gays & Portion Control

It be Friday…

Leigh has been on an emotional roller coaster, complete with snot balloons and all that. Ben and James call in again to lend support and guidance.

We have lovely things that will be planned. Many secret ideas and meetings. Things are looking interesting.

The UK government has released a website which compares university courses, after all of this years students have already committed of course.

Is it homophobic to poke a gay man? We discuss this in depth.

Is it evil to purchase jeans? Ben and the Qur’an give revelations.

Callum calls in to provide a young boys perspective on many things.

A university an America has dropped a course because 2 people performed a sex act in front of the class. Many people are angry about this. We explore the morality of this experience.

Japanese man arrested for cooking and serving genitals to guests.

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