DB488 – Fürstenfeldbruck

It be Wednesday…

Leigh is very tired, after having late night phone calls about nasty stuff. Ben calls in to provide commentary on certain subjects.
Leigh introduces 2 new games “We really want to see your boxers” and “Herpes Heroes, AKA:Derek”.

We bring back an old segment “old biddy watch”. An 88 yr old woman has been fined for hitting her 66 yr old son with a broom.
Another old biddy has modified an old painting of Jesus and botched it up.

If one wants to know about a the name and address of a certain submarine base, Leigh reveals it with much pomp.

We have florida news. A man has tried to shoot a couple having “fun times” while driving on the highway.
We then discuss cars at length, the proper term is “manual transmission” not “stick”.

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