DB478 – We’re back with Uncle Bob’s Attic and Endless Orgasms with John’s Beef Jerky

It be Monday…

Leigh is back from his lads-holiday. Lots of stuff has changed! The attic is cleared now, lots of stuff has been burned to a crisp. Ben @splinter701 and LoneSQRL @LoneSQRL and Brian @brianmonroe all call in to congratulate. Leigh and his friends have spent all their money on gambling on the slot machines, paying for slots…

We have 2 voicemails today, one from a nice quiet gentleman, and one from a very loud lady. After this, Leigh relates a story of back-beach cooking. We reintroduce random pedophilia with the gangnam style video, an english version is proposed.

We have news! (courtesy of tashabella). A florida man, has been storing body parts.
A lady has fallen down some stairs and has acquired persistent arousal syndrome.
A woman has chopped off her boyfriends penis and flushed it down the toilet.
An Idaho man trying to contact a drug dealer, accidentally contacted a policeman instead.
A family in china has shaved numbers into their children’s hair, purely for the purposes of identification though.

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