DB490 – Poking Gays & Portion Control

It be Friday… Leigh has been on an emotional roller coaster, complete with snot balloons and all that. Ben and James call in again to lend support and guidance. We have lovely things that will be planned. Many secret ideas and meetings. Things are looking interesting. The UK government has released a website which compares […]

DB489 – Delayed Packages and Glittery Morality

It be Thursday… Ben and James call in to discuss many things with Leigh. James shares his sad tales of nomad-ness and wandering around. Leigh has an important question for Ben, regarding Christian doctrine and morality. We have motor home news, they are having a big festival in the UK soon. A woman has allegedly […]

DB488 – Fürstenfeldbruck

It be Wednesday… Leigh is very tired, after having late night phone calls about nasty stuff. Ben calls in to provide commentary on certain subjects. Leigh introduces 2 new games “We really want to see your boxers” and “Herpes Heroes, AKA:Derek”. We bring back an old segment “old biddy watch”. An 88 yr old woman […]

DB481 – Scouting for Beavers…

It be Thursday… Leigh has had a lot of emails concerning the future of the Dirty Boxers show, and the new Paypal donation buttons. He is also shocked about returning to Scouting, and the state the group is in at the moment. Tashabella calls in from work to have a great catch up. Leigh had […]

DB479 – Wendy Williams, Twisting Grip, & the Porpoise with Purpose

It be Tuesday… Leigh has an interesting 24hrs – with random chats about scouting, and Wendy Williams [image 1]… Queens man dies after attacking kickboxing gas-station clerk. Police in Florida said they arrested a woman accused of driving away from one gas station 10 times without paying for the fuel. Pole Dancing For Kids? Sexually […]