DB475 – Fake Scots, Naked Politicians and we are not here tomorrow

It be Tuesday…

James calls in to tell of tales of Ireland. Ben has gotten his new microphone and does not sound so fuzzy anymore.
James has a story about wales, with there being some alternate Olympic games going on over there.
A Los Angeles restaurant has given a 5% to people who hand their phones in when they enter the establishment.
LoneSQRL calls in to discuss many things.
Skinny dipping is bad! Especially if your name is Kevin Yoder.
A christian girl with downs syndrome could be executed in Pakistan for burning Islamic texts.
A message to fox news here: It is spelled Quran NOT Koran. Thank you for your time.
LoneSQRL teaches us about baking, very interesting.
Florida news time! People who smoke don’t support smoking bans, who knew?
An Irish shopowner in the USA has embraced his Irish heritage by wearing a kilt.

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