DB471 – Blacks Are Cool, Fun and Never Age

It be Wednesday…

We have taken over haverhill FM! The featured show is back with broken records and all the people you love.
We find out what google means (googol by the way).
Leigh is turning black with tashabella’s help, very saucy.
We discuss the pope and his website and stuff that was stolen from his apartment.
A man in sweden (hoody hoody) has been walking around the streets of the swedish capitol carrying an axe while leading a group of children.
A certain journalist rides around the country in his van + caravan and just has a lot of fun traveling. Leigh wishes to emulate him.

2 Replies to “DB471 – Blacks Are Cool, Fun and Never Age”

  1. I LOVE YOU!!! I aint your Mum…butt Cuffuffle..quality content?? Helluva dribbliling wanky nip nips!!! Googellisicious???Got your Boxers in a twist!! BE SAUCY!!! from Sunbug.(friend of Big C McFall!) <3 Bloody hell!!

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