DB476 – Naked royalty and LoneSQRL’s package

It be Thursday…

Leighs family has come back from the funeral. Ben calls in to discuss beef jerky. Leigh tells his story of yesterday, with many things happening at the funeral.
Leigh then tells of his new talk show game “6 feet under”.

We bring back celebrity trash, with Leigh reading out silly news stories of celebrities. Prince Harry has been photographed nude, the Sun has a different take though.

We have Florida news! 75 solid citizens have donned robes in the shape of roosters to join a funeral procession, sounds fun.

Chunky blokes have issues with sex and toilets, not necessarily at the same time.

A couple of Swedish people (hoody hoody) shipped their corvette to Detroit to participate in a parade.

A woman has been accused of murdering her husband with a coffee mug

DB475 – Fake Scots, Naked Politicians and we are not here tomorrow

It be Tuesday…

James calls in to tell of tales of Ireland. Ben has gotten his new microphone and does not sound so fuzzy anymore.
James has a story about wales, with there being some alternate Olympic games going on over there.
A Los Angeles restaurant has given a 5% to people who hand their phones in when they enter the establishment.
LoneSQRL calls in to discuss many things.
Skinny dipping is bad! Especially if your name is Kevin Yoder.
A christian girl with downs syndrome could be executed in Pakistan for burning Islamic texts.
A message to fox news here: It is spelled Quran NOT Koran. Thank you for your time.
LoneSQRL teaches us about baking, very interesting.
Florida news time! People who smoke don’t support smoking bans, who knew?
An Irish shopowner in the USA has embraced his Irish heritage by wearing a kilt.

DB474 – Farage is my favorite Nigel

It be Monday…

Leigh was recently mobbed by by gingers. There is also a vicar downstairs, which means Leigh will not be doing a show on Wednesday. Ben and Uncle Pete call in to tell about their most interesting lives, and discuss stories of the day. We investigate dogging and what to do with it.
We also investigate Uncle Petes life, with where he lives, what his neighbours are like, whats been going on in his love life and generally being stalkers.
A boy was caught cheating at scrabble in the national championships in FLORIDA (America’s most mucked up state).
A new birth control pill for men is being researched. Apparently it allows sperm to rebound.
Leigh then tells a tale of Bernard, an eager person.
We finish off with tractors.

DB471 – Blacks Are Cool, Fun and Never Age

It be Wednesday…

We have taken over haverhill FM! The featured show is back with broken records and all the people you love.
We find out what google means (googol by the way).
Leigh is turning black with tashabella’s help, very saucy.
We discuss the pope and his website and stuff that was stolen from his apartment.
A man in sweden (hoody hoody) has been walking around the streets of the swedish capitol carrying an axe while leading a group of children.
A certain journalist rides around the country in his van + caravan and just has a lot of fun traveling. Leigh wishes to emulate him.

DB471 – The Cases of the Missing: Prostitutes, Fingers, and Granny’s Bush

It be Tuesday…

Callum Sutton joins Leigh as Ben CANNOT BE BOTHERED to do his JOB! [The cheeky bugger!]. Leigh, meanwhile, has been doing MANLY WORK. Man orders prostitute, daughter arrives. Man cuts sleeping roommate’s fingers off.  Knife-wielding man gunned down by cops in Times Square. Woman attacked while driving. Florida litterbug leaves calling card. And FINALLY Ben decideds to join us…

DB470 – Paddington the Drunken Olympic Closing Ceremony Bear

It be Monday…

Record breaking is one of the main topics again, with much boasting going on. Also the badger song is featured.
We are going to talk about the closing ceremony of the olympics, with much ado and padding.
In Norway, a bear with cubs has allegedly drunk over 100 cans of beer from a cavern up north.
Russian supreme court has stopped a man from owning the Vatican.
We finally talk about the closing ceremony, after much padding. The french are douche-monkeys and the IOC is corrupt.
In California, a man has tried to steal a car and was fought off, yay.
A man has been discovered naked in his neighbors bed by the police, who knew?

DB469 – Breaking Records and Feeding Gators

It be Friday…

We have a lot of catching up to do, as the past 4 days have had no official Dirty Boxers broadcasts. We talk about Leigh’s record breaking 70 hour broadcast, and the other people involved.
We have Florida news! A boater was arrested for feeding an alligator some of his hand.
A man in sydney is watching the olympics! big news!
Be careful what you put up your nose, nobody will notice for years if you put stuff up there.

DB468 – Tetris is as Russian as Granny Porn

It be Friday…

Leigh is flying blind today! The instruments have broken and only the webmistresses can save us! Leigh has been at a hospital bed for a long time, and is completely unprepared. Therefore, Ben @splinter701 calls in to say hi and talk tosh.
jm1117 @johnm1117 calls in to tell us about his ongoing road trip and holiday, he is having a good old time. He graciously gives us a weather report.
We call Brain @brianmonroe and he acts as Leigh for a couple of minutes. He the goes in to full technoexpert on the subject of SEO.

A woman in Ohio has broken INTO a jail, our expert panel discusses this in depth, changing the topic through a series of related discussions to stealing copper and other semi-precious metals.
We then return the original story (which Ben thinks sounds like a movie scene).
We then move on the topic of software and technology, with adobe and nokia being lambasted by Leigh and Brian, with Ben helping.
A man has been extremely upset by a picture of a certain american presidential candidate on his girlfriends facebook.

DB467 – This Show Title Does Not Reflect the Views of Leigh Brown or his Associates

It be Thursday…

We continue with the ecar insurance saga.
We also hit a serious note talking about the situation for men in a certain countries in africa, with rape leaving them with no option for help, either from the police or rape victim shelters, Link to Part 1 and Part 2

After the break, back to ecar insurance. Leigh wants his money back, since ecar did not provide any useful service and are being right old melons. Leigh reads his emails to ecar aloud to shame them.
TechnoEXPERT @bmonroe calls in to explain a few things about email to Leigh.

Olympics talk again, apparently the seats are empty, which is a worry for the people in charge… for us its terribly amusing.

Lots more olympics crap is spread about, Leigh and Brian argue around in circles.

A man in Pennsylvania has spent over $60,000 that was deposited into his account by mistake and has therefore been charged with theft (these banks are crazy).

There has been a mass text message sent out to many Australians saying “pay us $5000 or die”. No one has ever seen this before.

We end the show with “hooray for the nazis” and “New Zealand Sheep FBI” silliness, much to Leighs annoyance.

and the ecar insurance saga continues…

DB466 – Grumpy Old Gits and Fix-a-Flat Tits

It be Wednesday…

After days we are back! It is most definitely not a slow news day. We discuss recent events and other stuff, including movies and films. Leigh has finally got his laptop fixed, he uses it for skype.
Cynmac (one of our illustrious webmistresses) gives us a voicemail expressing her dissatisfaction at Leigh being away.
Leigh explains his absence for the past couple of days, the grumpy old git is apparently the cause of this issue.
digitalrhapsody.net is LIVE and has awesome light graffiti on it.

LoneSQRL calls in to rant and explain how things are going.
Some german researchers have created a passive aggressive system that allows people to call up and swear and rant. A watershed idea is proposed by Leigh.

An Austrian applauded for catching a 7.5 ft boa constrictor has been found out as a fraud. Apparently he couldn’t get a grip of his snake.

A man in florida has allegedly shot and killed a door to door salesman on his property.

A man who allegedly injected a woman in the buttocks in an illegal cosmetic surgery, has been charged with manslaughter