DB456 – Leo Laporte can’t stop talking

It be Thursday…

Leigh is ticked off at firefox today, it wants him to update again. On the bright side, he is eating lunch for once (wonders never cease). Charles @bearcrawling joins Leigh to discuss twitter and firefox, but they get sidetracked on many silly topics, including.
After the break, Laz @larryortiz and Ben @splinter701 call in to discuss many things. We have news! Boyfriend squirts partner with brown sauce, how titillating. After the top of the hour we continue to discuss the situation, with the male party being charged with (common) assault. Text messages were exchanged, much anger ensued. Also, Leo Laporte sucks @leolaportsucks.
The war on old biddies continue. They continue to complain about meals on wheels, even though its a perfectly good service that is nice and cheap. Brian @brianmonroe calls in to support Leigh’s position of hating old biddies. Basically, the current “old” generation has a massive entitlement complex.

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