DB386 – George Takei is the Savior of Homosexuality – but Leigh now OWNS him, Ahoi hoi, It be CURRY night! [+ Extra Dirty]

It be Thursday…

Yet MORE technical issues… Something is not quite right?! Join the hashtag mafia: #BOM and #AYM. How you spell ‘Ahoi hoi’. Leigh has been invited on to Envision Radio in Cambridge to be on Callum’s Drivetime Show. John Coles and the ruined surprise of the red button. However the ‘Robin Hood Click’ or Scamazon button is getting a ‘face lift’. George Takei has brought us an EPIC idea… That’s Sooo Takei! With Haverhill FM having a .tk domain – it brought a brillant idea to Leigh’s brain: Thatsso.tk! Laz calls in about school uniforms, beards and monthly subscriptions. MCS Matt calls in like an emo. Corey calls in to as well… Even if it is ‘weird’. But we have an important question about de-knighting Fred Godwin. Mr Oil calls in while trashing his kitchen. Dirty Boxers should be translated in to Russian. Radio North Wales is thinking about bringing Dirty Boxers to their airwaves.

On extra dirty: Bacon Lube – 6 pack! BBC News is NOW nicking content from Dirty Boxers… IRON SKY! Mr Oil then starts to suck up to Leigh… We start to get concerned! High Vis Vest shopping – Could we get official Dirty Boxers Vests?

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