Mr Oil’s Dirty Boxers

It be Wednesday, and Leigh is at a Funeral… So Mr Oil takes over… [Count along how many things he decides to ‘borrow’ from Leigh]

Something tells me Mr Oil may not know what he is doing – apologies for what you are about to witness! Mr Oil kindly decides to ensure All Digital Radio Network is running and ‘covering’ with Leigh’s absence. Hungary [the country] has ‘banned’ homelessness. Mr Oil starts to play with ‘stereo’ [The concept of stereo sound was banned in Russia in 1837 due to the belief that it was caused by witchcraft]. Mr Oil has ‘feedback’ from BT. Fussy eaters eating ONLY Chicken Nuggets! Concerns about Radioactive ‘DK’. DON’T FLY! Mr Oil would like to pick a bone [any one] with AP. A little rant about trains. A russian doing rollcall!? Mr Oil reviews his work on the show… Laz causes issues, so Mr Oil starts to explain NAGradio. MORE stealing of jingles. LoneSQRL [@lonesqrl] calls in to ‘help’ Mr Oil – but instead turns out to slag off DB with the Russian one. Ben Splinter calls in – but does HE come to Leigh’s aid? Skype is broken…

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