DB352 – Incest in Schools, Amazon lies, Banksy unveils church abuse work, Festmas, GitmoSlave is a horrid bully, Website knows what you’ve illegally downloaded

It be Tuesday…

Thanks to LoneSQRL for our fest-mas remix. ISP issues… blaming the children. Website knows what you’ve illegally downloaded… But it lies! [YouHaveDownloaded.com]. Leave Bit Torrent alone ūüôĀ How do you get PR stunt-age?! Chat room comes up with some good excuses for ‘covering your back’. Amazon lies, and Leigh is screwed! How Amazon works… Festmas and Dirty Boxers.¬†90-year-old woman jailed.¬†High School organizes parent-on-child kissing as entertainment [video].¬†Rosemount High School¬†principal apologizes for parent-on-student kissing prank.¬†The world’s ‘most expensive’ quad bike has gone on sale [image].¬†Banksy unveils church abuse work [link].¬†Teen writes death threat to Santa.¬†Zynga shares fall 5% on stock market debut. Facebook is NOT a platform! Top 5 geeky news! Problem with Sony.

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