DB339 – Leo Laporte, Erik Lanigan, TWiT and the ramblings of a mad man… [+ SUPER Extra Dirty]

It be Wednesday…

Due to traffic jam hold ups, Leigh starts his LIVE broadcast almost an hour late. “Astra Hosting is Awesome”. Big thank you to Sir Darryl and Gitmoslave for sorting out the ‘start’ of today’s show. Leigh needs to do some ‘house keeping’. Rant about the situation with Leo Laporte & Erik Lanigan. Issues from Saturday’s ‘The Tech Guy’ – and Leigh’s thoughts about what is going wrong over at TWiT. A vivid re-enactment with Tashabella [screenshot | video]. Thanks Giving Eve catch up. Leigh will be LIVE on Thanksgiving! Crooked Teeth Dental Procedure All The Rage In Japan [video]. Record taxi conversations? 800th Anniversary of University of Cambridge. Leigh’s TOP TIP! Porn sites sue internet regulator over .xxx web address. Top 5 Geeky News. Leigh should start a Tech show Dirty Boxers spin-off? Splinter and MrOil call in to discuss the subject.

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  1. Leigh, you are really a fraking stupid “twit”, I
    mean that in the british sense, and not the honorable twit army way. Clearly,
    you haven’t been watching Twit Tv for a long time or maybe you suffer from some
    weird memory lost. You are getting everything wrong and don’t know what you are
    ranting about. As everyone in the twit army knows that Leo is very unfiltered
    when it comes to talking to the chat realm. Havent you forgot when he was
    talking about his daughter, Abbey’s illness (which he got in trouble from  her about) 
    or his on-going  on/off feud with Jason
    Calacanis over his “This Week In” network and the list goes on. He is one of those
    people that feels at ease with us in the twit army to talk over anything and
    almost everything, especially in the breaks of the Tech Guy.

    I saw the tweet of your little show here and that you were going to talk about
    this  “crisis” over at TWiT.tv but all I
    heard was what I  have been  hearing and seeing all week from the other Lanigan
    fan boys (mostly are or acted like they are 12 years old.) Was Leo wrong for
    bring it up in chat, yes he was  but
    again he didn’t say half of what you and others have been accusing him of
    saying or even doing.

    I saw the chat logs from the chat with Erik and I listen to the clips of the Tech
    Guy show 3 times. Leo didn’t say he was firing Erik or that he was didn’t want
    Erik around. Most that got upset were ones that heard it in the repeats or are
    true LNT fans.

    And because of all this shit that has been going on, Leo, Tony, the Mods
    decided to cur some parts out but you can always go back and see
    everything  on Justin Tv as it aired; (I
    guess you are that tech savvy to figure that one out and got those assholes in
    chat to get all the shit for you.)

    Your rant was all about “poor little Erik. And Mean Old Bad Leo.” But you didn’t
    try to mention why Leo was a bit piss off at Erik, didn’t you? 

    In Thursday’s chat log of where a very tired Erik was talking that Leo and Lisa
    were not giving his dues. Maybe they haven’t been focusing on what he needed or
    wants now, but Leo is the kind of guy who will help you out or will keep you in
    mind for future work.  Just look who Leo
    has hired and continues to get –  all of
    his old Tech Tv crew family. And he is doing the same for the young guys like
    Erik, Tony, Alex and others there now.

    Leo didn’t start this, and he has supported Erik in what he wanted to do. He wasn’t
    even the one that fired Erik from TNT. It was Tom that wanted to bring on his
    old friend and producer, Jason, from CNet. He wasn’t confortable running the
    board and as a deal of hiring him, he also convinced Jason to come to produce
    the show the way that Tom wanted. It seem that Erik was the only one free at
    that time of day to do the first few months for Tom until Jason could move over
    there. Erik wanted to do and has been doing other things too besides working at
    TWiT too. He could came back to more but due to school and his other podcasts,
    Erik and Leo agreed to have him do something at night. In chat log, Erik stated
    that he was upset with the skype calls (which plague the network all week long
    at times) and that he has to nurse-maid the calls too.  But then he goes on sounding a bit winey
    about his current status on the network.  He didn’t need to bring up the things  he wrote in the chat,  but I will give him some slack being young
    and tired that night too. He needed to grow up and say to Leo/Lisa that he
    wants them to keep their promises to him or he has to move on.  Furthermore, he gets $50 (32 pounds) a night
    for his show.  That sounds good for
    sitting and talking for 3 hours (especially how things are now.)

    And how did Leo ever get wind of what Erik said? He got it second handed by
    someone in the chat after the show. So clearly, this crazy “crisis”  that everyone has been talking about was and
    continues to grow by the people who don’t know what the shit is going on; the
    same guys that were talking crap about Leo in chat, accusing him of censoring
    things and  later tweeting  hurtful things about Leo.

    Or as you are doing  on this podcast of
    yours, you and those 13 yr old “tech” assholes in  chat, having fun recreating past clips of “what
    Leo has said”.  And you said that Leo was
    kinda like a prima donna who wants  TWiT to
    be “All Leo all the time.” Clearly again, you are an idiot and know nothing
    what has been going on for years. Leo only does the shows he thinks that the
    hosts that need help or the show  might
    be failing in what the show wants to do. He is letting Tom, Sarah and the rest
    take over shows that he was on and he is letting them do new shows by

    The one thing you and the other 13 yr old kids in chat forget, Leo put all his
    money and his blood in creating that new studio and he, like anyone, like say,
    Steve Jobs or Bill Gates or Walt Disney, wants everything to run smoothly and
    make money so not only he, but everyone working there, can make money. The days
    of Sarah Lane and Marty Sargent with their silly Twif show might be gone to be
    replace by shows and things that will keep that studio and every penny that was
    sink into it going for years to come.

    Both Leo and Erik haven’t been tweeting or saying anything about this since Saturday
    afternoon. It looks like they are talking things over and doing the right thing
    which both of them forgot when they both aired everything for us to see/hear.
    And seeing this is an American holiday week, one might assume that Erik took
    the week off and from getting over being sick.

    Again Leo never said on air, in chat or in his tweets that he was firing Erik
    despite the outcries of the Lanigan fan boys.

    Finally If you and anyone of those assholes that are calling for Leo’s head for
    picking on little poor Erik, think that they wont fix things? Leo might get piss
    at times at people but he is always good nature about everything and tries to
    not to be spiteful (not like some that I saw in chat) about things. Leo really
    likes Erik and if he was really grooming Erik like he was saying on air, do you
    think that whatever Erik said in that stupid chat on Thursday was enough to
    bring down any wraith down on him? When you and the other crybabies in
    chat/twitter settle down, you will see that everything will be ok and both of
    them will ready to do something more to help Erik and to  help him do more with Leo.  It hasn’t been a week and you and others think
    Twit Tv is doom over this little misunderstanding; You and the 13 yr old boys  really need to grow the hell up. 

    • I wish you were a better writer – so I could understand your point(s). Your primary error is not your writing. Rather, it is that you believe that everything you have heard Leo say is true. The fact is there are many instances of this NOT being the case. As such, the bulk of your ‘writing’ is quite flawed.

      It warrants adding, i’m not a “Lanigan fanboy” (as you pejoratively call those who disagree with you. And, like Leo’s shows, i’m active in chat, and i’ve been listening since pre-video days.

      However, that is much different than liking Leo the person nor are watching the shows prima facia support of him. Quite clearly, much of what he says is not supported by facts that exist in evidence. Quite clearly the chat moderators act on behalf of Leo etceteras. Dan, often bans people for simply disagreeing with him and he lacks the social werewith (and the integrity) to moderate chat equitably. Many many agree with this assessment. In Leo’s defense i’m confident he’s unaware of how many are upset about chat-mod. actions historically and there’s no way to tell him because he feels they do no wrong. How sad.

      But, back to my point, for you to ramble, at times incoherently, in support of Leo seems entirely, to use your descriptor ‘fanboy’ish and not anything that supports facts at hand. Continue to enjoy the shows but to suggest that people are assholes because they can objectively view what happened is more than sad – it’s pathetic.

      • Many of us know that Leo has a competitive side to him, which has gone a long way to building up the TWiT empire. But there are many times when Leo’s competitive side teeters toward insecurity.  Erik Lanigan is talented, well-spoken, and smart. But ever since Erik dazzled everyone with his premiere TWiT nterview with Steve Wozniak, Leo has felt threatened. (Flashbacks of Kevin Rose replacing Leo on G4, who knows?) If Leo was less competitive and less insecure, he would’ve see that Erik could be an amazing asset to TWiT’s present & future. Alas, Erik now moves on to bigger and better things. Maybe this sad incident is part of Erik’s education: Mentors can be small. Ah well, lesson learned. I look forward to witnessing Erik’s enduring ascent in the world of tech.

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