DB301 – David Pakman, EVIL ‘Dave-Moyer-Gate’ and Man-kini Chris…

It be Tuesday…

On today’s show Leigh talks about feeling rough and burning out trying to organise this show. He also discusses the feedback that has come in for the past 24hrs. We are humbled to be joined by David Pakman from The David Pakman Show, to discuss his show, and Leigh’s concern that King Obama is trying to do a sneaky one. Antubert from TalkRadioX calls in for a nice chin-wag. EVIL Dave-Moyer-Gate continues with threats of Lawsuits and Lawyers IN suits. And Man-kini Chris cannot be bothered to either promote the show OR pick up his phone! PLUS, to celebrate 13th Birthday of Google, Top 10 dead Google Projects by John P. So a fully packed show actually… Which is surprising for a Tuesday πŸ˜›

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