DB300 – Dave Moyer and Dirty Socks?!

It be Monday…

Welcome to the ‘BIG’ 300 show – with no balloons, party blowers or cake! Just Leigh having a chat about stuff. Leigh flaps his face about Scouts, his horoscope, NAPU interview, Pubs / Clubs / Plubs, being interviewed by Antubert via the iPhone, and a REAL Tron Motorbike [image | video]! LOADS of feedback concerning Friday’s show with Skyelr Bleu from Helix Studios, and the show in general. TXTBone sends in a ‘present’ [image]. Dave Moyer from SUCH shows as WordCast and Life Plugged in [twitter account] STEALS ‘Dirty Boxers’ [changes it to Dirty Socks to stop any lawsuits] and THEN makes a song! [video]. PLUS your top 5 geeky news for today!

Please feel free to contact the show:
leigh@dirtyboxers.net | www.dirtyboxers.net | twitter.com/dirtyboxers | Submit news to FB page

While ‘live’ (9am – 11am EST | 2pm – 4pm UK time) please call in:
USA Line: 912 373-8255
UK Line: 0208 123 98 45

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One Comment

  1. A series of taglines maybe an effective way to explain the show
    dirtyboxers: occasional rubbish.
    dirtyboxers: chads in plubs
    dirtyboxers: saucy!
    dirtyboxers: pinty-pinty beverages and uhnt music
    dirtyboxers: poke it with a stick and it’ll bite
    dirtyboxers: less than fully gruntled
    dirtyboxers: we’ve upped our standards, now up yours
    dirtyboxers: what! what!
    dirtyboxers: all ass up-bugging, all the time
    dirtyboxers:  now saying less with more
    dirtyboxers: usable icons with pixelated dust

    Using the available materials I made an icon for my site that would make a nice mp3 phototag as well since you are missing one.

    Enjoying the show! Thanks for the call out!
    I felt it was an interesting way to introduce you to the audience.

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