DB299 – Skyelr Bleu & other stories

It be Friday…

On today’s show, we start off with technical issues with connecting to NAGradio.com, which MrOil explains. We have a good old chin-wag with our NEW Official Guru of Geeky Things, Skyelr Bleu from Helix Studios. We have a good chat about porn industry and the workings of it. Near the end of the show Corey and MCS [Matt] call in for a quick chat, which means we don’t have time for Geeky news AGAIN!

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5 Replies to “DB299 – Skyelr Bleu & other stories”

  1. a. I have a new fav adult entertainer. b. i love this interview. ive always been curious about a slew of the topics discussed in it. ps. i love the word numpty, now.

    1. Hey Daniel,
      Thank you very much for your kind words about this episode! It’s just a shame that the “Microsoft Skype” wasn’t [dare I say it] playing ball. It was SO refreshing to hear honest and open answers to the questions I flapped in Skyelr’s direction. I know this show won’t be EVERYONE’s cup of tea. But I hope people would at least listen to get a better understanding of what the Adult Industry is like.

      1. I was happy to know that Skyelr is a geek, or as I like to call us: homonerdians. I tweet with a few adult entertainment stars and it’s refreshing to know they’re not just a body with a peen. They’re (some, at least) actually intelligent with grander goals in life. 

        Btw, I’m a fan of Helix Studios, and it’s how I found the link to the site. I’m now a fan of the site, as well! 

  2. Skyelr’s interview was very enlightning. He is funny, intelligent, quirky and compassionate all at the same time. His Helix scenes are the best and he has a few other scenes out there with other studios and a movie too. Your picture of him is a few years old (2008) and as cute as he looks there he is still absolutely fabulous looking. He is my all time favorite adult model. He has a new scene premiering tomorrow night on Helix. Can’t wait. With Derrick Porter.

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