DB282 – Back to the Future is back..?

It be Friday…

Leigh is currently addicted to Celebrity Big Brother, still smoking 🙁 , Moral dilemma, Essex International Scouting Jamboree 2012, and Changes to Dirty Boxers, ‘Notting Hill’ book store The Travel Bookshop to close, Christopher Lloyd Back to the Future advert [video here], BBC iPlayer is full of repeats 🙁 , Gaddafi captured – in Plasticine, ‘Guerilla knitting’ flash mob hit bull and bear at Frankfurt stock exchange [image 1 | image 2], Llamas excel at dog training school, Thief arrested for smuggling snakes down his shorts [video here], Sex-crazed thief smashes into adult store with truck to steal £485 sex toy, Changes to Dirty Boxers –  PLUS your geeky news!

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