DB284 – Weddings, Stag ‘Day’, and BOYS! [Part 2]

It be Wednesday… Leigh finishes his LONG winded story about the Bank Holiday weekend, Feedback, Brothel that gave away free sausages with every prostitute burns down, Emergency back-up content from Godson Jack, Wooden iPad 2 sold for £110 to woman in McDonald’s car park, Grave digger sacked for dancing on grave in YouTube comp he […]

Dirty Boxers Hijacks CamJam Radio (Fri 5th Aug 2011)

A special edition of Dirty Boxers. BIG thank you to Adam from music-av.co.uk for finding this recording. This was recorded at CamJam 2011 on Friday 5th August 2011. http://m.podshow.com/media/27662/episodes/293578/dirtyboxersfm-293578-08-27-2011.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 59:40 — 54.6MB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

Dirty Boxers Hijacks CamJam Radio (Thurs 4th Aug 2011)

A special edition of Dirty Boxers. BIG thank you to Adam from music-av.co.uk for finding this recording.This was recorded at CamJam 2011 on Thursday 4th August 2011. http://m.podshow.com/media/27662/episodes/293577/dirtyboxersfm-293577-08-27-2011.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 52:32 — 48.1MB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

DB282 – Back to the Future is back..?

It be Friday… Leigh is currently addicted to Celebrity Big Brother, still smoking 🙁 , Moral dilemma, Essex International Scouting Jamboree 2012, and Changes to Dirty Boxers, ‘Notting Hill’ book store The Travel Bookshop to close, Christopher Lloyd Back to the Future advert , BBC iPlayer is full of repeats 🙁 , Gaddafi captured – […]

DB281 – Evil Smoking

It be Wednesday… Catch up with news I didn’t have the time for before including Rugby people… Started smoking again, eating stupid amounts of food, Weddings and Dr Who, Stag do with James coming up, busy bank holiday coming up, German theme park boasts nuclear power station as a main attraction [image 1 | image […]

DB279 – Fat Ho Burgers Anyone?

It be Monday… Oh what a RUBBISH weekend… Rant about work, two-faced people and general freaks of the world. We also talk about: Fat Ho Burgers owner defends controversial name, Susanne Eman wants to be the world’s fattest woman, PLUS of course your top 5 geeky news! http://m.podshow.com/media/27662/episodes/293067/dirtyboxersfm-293067-08-22-2011.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: […]

DB278 – Global Warming is a Lie…

It be Friday… And on today’s show we flap about: Britons drink 5,800 pints in a lifetime, Cut carbon emissions or aliens may attack Earth scientists warn, Robber wearing pants on his head on the run from police in Dallas Texas [image 1 | video 1], Man-Candy from Laz, PLUS of course your top 5 […]

DB277 – Justin Bieber’s Nipples

It be Thursday… On today’s slightly mental show, we talk about Hitler as a girl [from book “Secret Weapons: Technology, Science And The Race To Win World War II by Professor Brian Ford“], Justin Bieber Way, World’s weirdest driving laws guide published, Restaurant serves lobster salad without any lobster, Man drives 1400 miles to buy $1000 of […]

DB276 – Boys and their Toys

It be Tuesday… On today’s show, we talk about: Former inmate arrested for breaking into jail, Construction worker survives four-inch nail being fired into his brain, Mayor places 20-tonne ‘birthday rock’ on ex-wife’s driveway, Brazil prison hires geese for extra security and Man takes out adverts against advertising… PLUS of course your top 5 geeky […]

DB275 – Geeking it up with Uncle Pete

It be Monday… On today’s so we catch up with Uncle Pete from the Emma and Pete Show about his 2 week challenge. We also discuss how Leigh is doing with giving up smoking, Feedback from Mr R Russdale, Internet Famous, YouTube ‘Creators Playbook’, a moist and naked World record attempt, Gnomes with guns take […]