It be Thursday…

Today, Leigh is joined by AnTHHony to talk about Gays, Robots, and STUFF! Oooh, what fun!

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  1. Jesus Christ Leigh, what are you trying to do? Obviously truncated at 6m 26s and 50% of that was of such poor production quality it was too poor to listen to. I’m serious. This is rubbish. It’s not even good rubbish. Where is your quality control, because as sure as hell, you don’t have any here. This must rank as the most painfully shambolic audio experience I have ever heard. There are work experience pupils out there who can do better than this without even having to make a significant effort. I used to like what you did. But you don’t do what you used to do any longer. This. Is. Awful. You say that you ‘don’t like listening to yourself’? Well I say that listening to yourself is your quality assurance. And without self-critical quality assurance, how the hell are do you believe you’re going to improve yourself? How are you going to get on a learning curve? How are you going to get better? I used to recommend you to people. I am no longer in a position to do that and once again have to withdraw my listenership from this show. Take this mp3 and put it in front of people and ask them the review it. It’s shit.

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