DB202 – Dog-themed Weird!

It be Thursday…

On today’s mad old show we talk about Dog-themed weird news, Old people and guns, Apple and an app to ‘cure’ gays, and a Kings Lynn bus lane which is too narrow for buses [image 1 | image 2] – all this and SO much more…

Please sponsor my brother Paul who is cycling 74 miles for the British Heart Foundation at the end of March.

One Reply to “DB202 – Dog-themed Weird!”

  1. Big Mac or Quarterpounder? Any fool knows that the Muslim faith dictates Halal meat at all times, therefore the answer is obviously going to be neither.

    Ostrich meat is a farmed meat, just like cows. According to DEFRA there are 215 Ostrich farms in the UK. Ostrich meat fetches a higher premium than cattle meat.

    A round is a bullet not a clip.

    Stop referring to Wales as a third world country. That, behaviour, along with your staggering gulf of ignorance of these simple, every day facts, just make you a complete and utter fucking dunce. Also, doesn’t make you an attractive radio prospect. Before you open your mouth, think it all through.

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