Dirty Boxers 084

It’s only bloody Friday… Shhh!

Stuff covered in this show:

  • Thunder but no Lightning.
  • Where art thou, Broadband?
  • Colin predicts the future.
  • Sing-a-long Friday
  • Saving Lives
  • Computing in the Cloud won’t work
  • Sky are useless
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  • Project Canvas
  • Weird News
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Presenter Leigh Brown
Producer Will Stephenson
Executive Producer Sir Mike Collins Esq. CBE

3 Replies to “Dirty Boxers 084”

  1. Your statement that cloud computing won’t work is very puzzling, as cloud computing is what the internet more or less exists on these days. With the shift from mainframe to client/server and the upgrade from client/server to cloud, and with more and more hosts and hosting organisations using virtualised servers, cloud computing is what not only supports but also drives the internet. Virtualisation (which is what cloud is), is the latest model of supplemental consumption in that it provides for shared utilisation and common delivery models for IT services, purely based on the internet. Cloud typically involves over-the-Internet provision of dynamically scalable and virtualised resources. Without cloud scalability becomes a fixed-price factor that predetermines the growth of webtools. With cloud, scalability becomes a variable-price factor that allows for the dynamic scaling and rescaling of enterprise architecture and global information systems. To put it in user terms, without cloud Amazon, Google and Yahoo would still be operating on fixed-node serverfarms rather than on global cloud models.

    Or perhaps you’re just saying cloud won’t work because you don’t actually understand what cloud really means? Maybe you mistakenly think it means something else – particularly as you use it to interchange BT with Sky and Virgin, none of whom share data or infrastructure in a cloud model, although Sky may use elements of BTs cable network, but that is most definitely not cloud computing!

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