Dirty Boxers 079 – It’s only bloody friday!

Ooh, look… a Friday show!

Stuff covered in this show:

  • Weird old day today
  • Went out with old friends last night
  • Rude Email concerning my Mic
  • Sing-o-Long Friday
  • Hello Scoutie-type people!
  • Email Spam
  • Weird News BACK!
  • Want to get on the radio… Check out: www.dirtyboxers.net/radio
  • Leigh is writing a book… And you can buy shares in it here: http://dirtyboxers.net/book

Music played in this show:

  • Shh! Something a bit different! lol

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Contact the Show:

Presenter Leigh Brown
Producer Will Stephenson
Executive Producer Sir Mike Collins Esq. CBE

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