30 shows and counting…

In little over a month’s time, we will be hitting our 100th show of Dirty Boxers. This is an insane concept to us, especially when this show has grown SO quickly to SO many corners of the world, that we feel it’s time to shake it up a bit.

Firstly, we are not going to touch the content as such. Over the past few shows, while we have dealt with servers and hosting transfers (you may have noticed), we have slightly dropped our ‘schedule’ of regular content such as ‘weird news’, ‘Top 5 geeky news’ etc – mainly due to the amount of time needed to produce such content, has been invested in other areas of DB.

But we feel it is time to finally polish the turd properly!

Firstly, an area we will be introducing over the next few weeks is interviews with interesting / important / funny people we have met along the way. At the beginning, we will be using these interviews to gain a better idea of where Dirty Boxers is going, and hopefully learn something too! We are hoping this will become a regular feature in the show post-100 too!

Secondly, as many of you know, James from Luton (not Leeds) has spent a lot of time and effort on our new jingles. We are very proud both them, as well as knowing we have awesome people within the Family of Dirty Boxers willing to help out with our cause. James is now (if he likes it or not), the official voice of our jingles, and we are busy scribbling away to write even more for him to sing!

Over the next few weeks, we will be (hopefully) taking you on the journey behind the scenes of how we are changing the show. These include looking for equipment, designing the new sound and re-branding of the show as well as general banter with the team that don’t get mentioned enough.

I hope this explains a bit about where we are going. It still amazes me that this project started so small, with a silly yet simple goal, and now has grown to such an awesome place to be part of. As always I am humbled with your support, and I hope you will continue to enjoy the show.

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  1. blamey! where’s my interview…like I’m important , I am…Brown, you’re just a tosser, you are…that’s right! i said it!

    guess only the interesting / important / funny people get interviewed, eh? no room for the pretty ones… ah well…

    looks like I’m slowly becoming the black sheep of the family. huh!

  2. Of course you can be interviewed you cheeky git!

    How come you are turning in to the Black sheep for? You’re the one that disappeared for a while… lmao

  3. LOL. I think I like being a cheeky-git.

    just because I like the expression cheeky-git. LOL

    Larry “cheeky-git” Ortiz…

    I “disappeared” cause my powers were zapped cause of shaving my beard for futbot but now it’s back! And, well…someone moved there web site and FAILED to tell everyone the new address till weeks later. 😛

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