First extract of the new book premieres on the podcast!

Would you Adam & Eve it… Only a few days after I take up the challenge to write a book for the family of Dirty Boxers, and already we are reading (even though poorly reading) passages from the first draft!

Admittedly, it is only the first paragraph of the Science chapter, but still it is better than nothing…

But what is more shocking is that I only truly started writing ‘properly’ last night because I couldn’t sleep, and out of nowhere, 12 pages of pure gold-type material is written with ease about the mad and some-what strange world of Science. However, it also has to be said that most of my ‘notes’ and research I have done for the book are still spread out on the floor in my old bedroom – in more of a mess display; than a well organised, well thought-out pile of ‘research’.

But oh well – you’ve got to start somewhere!

Listen to the first paragraph of the science chapter in today’s show:

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