Dirty Boxers 067 – I’m the doghouse, and I’ve only been here 24hrs

Ooh what a busy day…

Stuff covered in this show:

  • Playing with my settings
  • The promised scout story
  • Trying to be very quiet in the house
  • Thinking about how to promote the show
  • Sorting out my notes for me book
  • Dirty Boxers News; with a top tip!
  • One Road Travel
  • One Word Weather
  • Brainstorming
  • Need to sell all the shares ASAP!
  • Money from the shares aren’t JUST for the book – but also to make the podcast better!
  • Counting down to Episode 100
  • Want to broadcast this show?
  • Can you suggest software other than Castblaster / StudioRack?
  • Thinking about using You Tube
  • The Write-o-Meter
  • Leigh is writing a book… And you can buy shares in it here: http://dirtyboxers.net/book

Music played in this show:

  • Coming soon…

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Presenter Leigh Brown & Sniffer
Producer Will Stephenson
Executive Producer Sir Mike Collins Esq. CBE

8 Replies to “Dirty Boxers 067 – I’m the doghouse, and I’ve only been here 24hrs”

  1. Good to hear you are still going strong–I like the book idea too. You did make me feel like you were going to go off (in more ways than one) So does this mean you wont be having friends on as much since you are at home. Say hi to mom and dad for me.

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